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The Comparison Koala Mission

Here at Comparison Koala, our mission is to make big savings, for both you and for those in need.


Will using Comparison Koala cost me any money?

Comparing through Comparisonkoala.com.au won’t cost you a cent, and it could save you a whole lot more. If you decide to buy a product or service through our site, we will donate to a charity of your choice from the list of causes we have chosen to support.


As a thank you, we could send you a soft toy like some of our competitors but we want to make a difference, and with your help we are!

Big Savings For 10 Worthy Causes

We’re pledging dollars to a charity of your choice when you take out a financial product or insurance policy via comparisonkoala.com.au

Check out the list of causes we have choosen to support!

Compare more than 100 Australian providers, including…

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