Instant Approval

The reality is that patience is a virtue, but many of us don’t want to wait, nor do we have the time to wait for a drawn out credit card application process to come through. This is where instant approval credit cards come into play. Instant approval credit cards are credit cards which can be applied for easily and then will come with a response in about 60 seconds. The decision is not always an approval, but there will definitely be a decision one way or the other after the 60 second time period which allows for heightened financial planning.

The best aspect about instant approval credit cards is that they usually come with similar features to most other credit cards enabling anyone to start a balance transfer right when the approval decision has been received. This saves unnecessary time, energy, and money for those individuals who are carrying around a large amount of high interest debt which is slowly but surely gaining interest.

The issue that some individuals have with instant approval credit cards is that since the application is completely automated, there is no opportunity for those with poor credit to negotiate the terms that they have been given. Instant approval credit card applications are based on set points such as employment, debt repayment history, and income. Another problem that comes into play with instant approval credit cards is the fact that there might be a high annual fee for the card, as well as points off of your credit score simply for filling out an application, especially if you are applying for instant approval card after card after card.